Plan Early

Give yourself a minimum of 6 weeks to plan, as France does have restrictions on taking depositions of French citizens and third country nationals.

Location Restrictions

Taking voluntary depositions of U.S. citizens in France can be conducted without any special permissions. However, depositions of French citizens and third country nationals require prior permission from the French Central Authority and require a commission issued by a court in the United States.

Depo Venue

Depositions of U.S. citizens can take place at the venue of your choosing, whether that be a hotel room, law firm office, conference room, or videoconferencing facility. For depositions of French citizens and third country nationals, depositions must take place on the Consulate or Embassy premises. You may consider moving your depo outside of France, as neighboring countries have fewer restrictions.

Visa Requirements

U.S. passport holders may enter France for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.

Hague Evidence Convention

France is a member of the Hague Evidence Convention. Find out more about the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters.

Want more information on how to schedule a deposition in France? Download our 6-page PDF guide to depositions in France.

Video tips

Let our experts walk you through the process of setting up a deposition in France.

How to set up a deposition in France

Ian Hardy, President and CEO of Optima Juris, gives a few tips on how to set-up a U.S. deposition in France.

How to swear in a witness abroad

Ian Hardy, President of Optima Juris, discusses essential tips and know-how to correctly administer the oath during an international deposition.

Case Study: Versailles and Montpellier

Multi-city, multi-day deposition in France

A pharmaceutical company needed to schedule depositions in two cities, Versailles and Montpellier, over 7 days. The judge only spoke French and the client needed a same day turnaround on roughs and finals.
We quickly mobilized our Europe-based court reporter, videographer, and two interpreters to cover all of the proceedings. The team worked quickly and efficiently to deliver same day roughs and finals over the 7 days. The deposition was a multi-tracked success and everything went off without a hitch.

Expert info, tips & advice

Sharing our over 17 years of international deposition experience with you.

Depositions in France – International Deposition Tips

France is a country we know well. Optima Juris started in France in 2000 when a young legal videographer, Ian Hardy, decided to move to Paris. Today, Optima Juris continues to successfully conduct many U.S. depositions in France. In our latest episode of helpful International Deposition Tips, Ian Hardy highlights the legalities of setting up an international deposition or arbitration in France.

Infographic: 5 Tips for Swearing In a Witness Abroad

Have a witness you need to depose in a foreign country? Wondering how you can administer the oath correctly? There are a number of possible solutions available for swearing in a witness outside of the U.S. Our quick and easy infographic provides some practical suggestions based on our extensive experience scheduling depositions abroad.

International Deposition Tips: First Step to Setting Up a Depo Outside the U.S.

We are very excited to unveil our first video from our brand new video series, International Deposition Tips. The entire Optima Juris team will be sharing insider tips, advice, guides, and information about international depositions in these quick and easy-to-view videos. First up we have Optima Juris CEO, Ian Hardy, explaining the first step to setting up a deposition outside the U.S.

Essential international travel information for France


France uses the Euro. For more information on currency conversions visit XE. Before you leave, notify your bank, credit card company, or other financial institutions that you are going overseas. Avoid carrying cash and consider using traveler's checks or major credit cards instead (but make sure they are accepted at your destination before departing on your trip).


For the latest weather information in cities throughout France visit

General tipping

Tipping is not necessary, but is appreciated for good service. There are no rules about tipping in France. In nicer restaurants, such as 3-start tables, where the service is exemplary, a tip of €20 is fine to leave.

Holidays & observances

Imagine your reaction if your deposition had to be rescheduled because of a major local holiday when everything was closed. Don’t let that happen to your depo. You can see a complete list of holidays in France here:


Check with your physician to see which shots are required and/or recommended for your trip to France. You can check online resources like the U.S. Department of State France country page or contact the France Embassy or Consulate for current entry requirements. The World Health Organization (WHO) can provide their recommendations for vaccinations and other travel health precautions for your trip abroad.

Major airports

Bordeaux, Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport, BOD

Lyon, Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport, LYS

Marseille, Marseille Provence Airport, MRS

Mulhouse, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, MLH

Nice, Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, NCE

Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, CDG

Paris, Paris-Orly Airport, ORY

Toulouse, Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, TLS

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